Make Your Own Dream Job

Good article on (link) about how people often think their dream job is going to find them rather than the other way around.

I’m always looking for motivational quotes and I thought these were good ones to reflect on and keep motivated.

You don’t wait for something to happen, you get off your ass and do it.

I guess this is like the Nike thing “Just Do It” but a little more directed. Ramit’s great at not being subtle, you never wonder what he means. 😉

My favorite was the following snippet:

[Having credentials] is one of the biggest mistakes people make when pursuing their passions: thinking that a mythical credential will REALLY help them, when actually getting experience is almost always a better move. People don’t like hearing this, though, because it reduces the magic of the silver bullet of credentials and degrees.)

Emphasis is mine. I’ve fallen into this trap in the past and think it is so well said.  Unfortunately the universities help fuel this perception, since they need people to believe this in order to survive.

What would happen if people stopped believing this?

Time to get off my ass and go do something.

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