Article Writing Service Lessons Learned

If links and tweets are the  currency of the web, original content would be the durable goods.  You need unique content updated frequently which will in turn get linked to in order to get and retain top ranking for keywords.

Aside from frequently coming up with topics to write about, it is a lot of work writing content and doing it daily proves to be even more challenging. But as always there are services which will come to the rescue to take the labor out of writing articles.

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Make Your Own Dream Job

Good article on (link) about how people often think their dream job is going to find them rather than the other way around.

I’m always looking for motivational quotes and I thought these were good ones to reflect on and keep motivated.

You don’t wait for something to happen, you get off your ass and do it.

I guess this is like the Nike thing “Just Do It” but a little more directed. Ramit’s great at not being subtle, you never wonder what he means. 😉

My favorite was the following snippet:

[Having credentials] is one of the biggest mistakes people make when pursuing their passions: thinking that a mythical credential will REALLY help them, when actually getting experience is almost always a better move. People don’t like hearing this, though, because it reduces the magic of the silver bullet of credentials and degrees.)

Emphasis is mine. I’ve fallen into this trap in the past and think it is so well said.  Unfortunately the universities help fuel this perception, since they need people to believe this in order to survive.

What would happen if people stopped believing this?

Time to get off my ass and go do something.

Lifesaving Tips Before Upgrading to WordPress 3.0

The latest and greatest WordPress 3.0 is out today. Woo hoo! Thelonious is it’s name, after one of my (and presumably Matt’s) favorite jazz pianists

The WordPress site servers must have been maxed out harder than AT&Ts during the iPhone debacle last week all with the excited bloggers and web geeks running to upgrade their site. This was a major release containing “1,217 bug fixes and feature enhancements” and adding a ton of new features. Even with the community’s extensive release-candidate testing, any upgrade comes with the possibility of issues, possibly nasty ones, cropping up.

In spite of the ease of install touted in the official release announcement post there are a few things to remember when doing any site upgrade. So, just as a reminder here are a few things you should be doing before you upgrade.

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Adding Content Only In Posts With Thesis Theme

I get a lot of questions about how to add theme content to only single posts. (Versus pages, the home page, etc.)

Again, I’m using the Thesis theme framework on most of my websites and will go over how to bend Thesis to your will and also I’ll give an easy way to add to any theme, Thesis or not.

I’ll give two simple ways to do this (using custom_functions.php and also with the OpenHook plugin). I’ll even throw in a bonus for people using any theme at all.

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Get More Good News With the Reeder App

If you get your news from the internet like ten bajillion other Americans these days, you might be wondering how to manage it all.

I get my daily dose of the latest happenings from a variety of sources on the web, usually via RSS (what is RSS?).

I used to view all my news with Google Reader, but that was before the iPad.

If you don’t have an iPad or iPhone, this may not be the most useful article for you, but it may provide you with a good excuse for getting one.

Reeder to the rescue

Reeder is a marvelous app I use every day. It basically takes the Google Reader news data and gives you a prettier and more user-friendly way to view all things coming in. By putting this app on the iPad, you now have a mobile way to get your news and read it easily without having to either be tethered to a computer or manage piles of newspapers that end up creating more waste.

Sharing Is Caring

If you’re at all familiar with Google Reader, you’ll know that you can do a lot with your incoming news. You can save your articles, mark them to be read later, you can keep them unread. Reeder offers you all these features and more,  you also have access to some great ways to share interesting items to friends or coworkers who might share your interests.

With a few quick taps, you can send any article to Twitter, you can email all or part of the article, or you can share it via your own RSS feed on Google Reader for other people to access.

I may sound like I’m selling this app, but I’m not. (Sadly there are no iTunes app affiliate programs that I know of, yet.)  I just love this app and wanted to be able to be able to point people to my explanation without having to repeat myself endlessly when I gush on about how much I love Reeder. Did I mention I love Reeder?

Visit the Reeder site to view more information about it, then go buy it!

Reeder - Silvio Rizzi

If you haven’t purchased an iPad yet, I highly recommend that too, but that’s another article for another day. 😉

Did you buy Reeder because of this article? Come back and share your absolute delirious love about the app in the comments below!

What’s Really Missing Here?

I recently got an email from a social networking site that bills itself as “”Your address book for life”. (The fact that they don’t rank #1 for this phrase in Google is interesting.)

[pullquote]Don’t lecture your customer that they aren’t using your service right.[/pullquote]

This email had the subject line “Your profile is missing a photo”.  (The account profile was originally created probably two or three years ago.)

Did I hurry up and update my profile and thank them for the reminder?

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Designer Pull Quotes Made Simple

I’m always looking for ways to enhance my blog articles easily. I may be lazy, but I also like small changes that have big impact.

Pull quotes are a fun and, more importantly, easy way to give a more professional or journalistic look to your posts or pages.  I’ve read several blogs recently which gave tips and suggestions on how to use them in your posts.

[pullquote]Pull quotes are used to pull a text passage out of the reader’s flow and give it a more dominant position in the post or the article.[/pullquote]What are pull quotes? The short definition of Pull quotes is that they are simply short excerpts from the text you are presenting. They are used to pull a text passage out of the reader’s flow and give it a more dominant position in the post or the article. I take that to mean any important key phrase or special point you want your reader to take away from the article.

I have put together a couple of screencasts showing you the basics and how to make them useful to your blog. I’ve also included a few image files to get you started.

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Google Mayday Updates Impact Long-Tail Search

If you’ve noticed any change in your rankings over the last few days or weeks you may be feeling the sting of Google’s recent changes to their ranking algorithm.  These have been confirmed by Google’s Matt Cutts and he indicates that it is a ranking factors change, versus crawling or indexing methods. The change was designed to increase the quality rankings for long-tail searches that target more specific search terms like “three-legged German shepherd dog training” rather than just “dog training”.

Who Is Affected?

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Edge Blueprint Time Savers and My Cheat Sheet

Warning This tutorial is way outta date. Follow it at your own peril.

If you’re interested in a quick method to test a market, I’ve found to the Edge Blueprint is an interesting way to get started fast.  Also, I like that it doesn’t rely on Google to provide you with your traffic source.  The whole PPV thing was new to me as a traffic generation method, but it does get you traffic.   Still with their “internet marketers promise” of canning your day job in 6 months, I figured it was worth a look.

If you haven’t seen the Edge Blueprint yet, check out their website. You have to opt-in register, but they haven’t spammed me… yet. :)

They’ve done a good job creating videos are clear, and the steps pretty straightforward. But if you don’t have your own team to work with (and their unlimited budget), you could easily waste invest a lot of time on data gathering steps. This is repetitive and tedious stuff I hate. So I created a way to shortcut the process.

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Customizing Thesis 404 Pages

I like to think that my websites are error proof. WordPress does a great job handling cases of mis-typed URLs, outdated or broken links, and general server-farts.  But no matter how bullet proof the system is, it is possible to crumb up your own system as it gets older, obtains more internal links and posts and others link to who-knows-what on your site.  These will often create a 404 error condition and how you handle them on your site can be important in order to keep visitors from leaving your site too soon.

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